Teknotrans AB is certified by SP Sveriges Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås according to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001. This certification means that we follow specific, measurable routines to ensure the quality of our services. Our operations are under the continuous scrutiny of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, which is an external body.

Advantages for our customers

Important features of our quality management system:

  • Our translators are professional specialists who translate exclusively to their native language.
  • Our project management team follows strict and well-documented quality control routines.
  • We adapt our working routines to suit our customers’ needs and to promote a long-term productive collaboration.

If your business is also ISO-certified, cooperation with us will provide a secure link in your chain of quality-assured procedures. If we translate your material, it will be quality-assured. That’s one less thing to worry about.

CEN-certification: a new European standard for translation services
Teknotrans has made a considerable contribution to this programme and is actively participating in the development of a CEN standard for translation services. This is a new European standard for translation services that will apply to all EU and EFTA countries.

SAE J2450
Teknotrans uses SAE J2450 – a standard for measuring translation quality. Briefly, this involves ongoing random testing of the quality of our translations.

Liability insurance against errors in translation
Teknotrans has insurance to cover the unlikely event that we should deliver a translation containing a serious error that leads to liability for injury to persons, damage to property or financial losses. This insurance provides additional security for our customers, in addition to our quality control system.

Teknotrans AB’s environmental policy

Teknotrans translates commercial texts for trade and industry, as well as for other purchasers of high-quality, professional translations (government authorities, institutions, etc.). Our business has a relatively small effect on the environment but we still believe that organised action for the environment is the best way to achieve a sustainable and progressive society. Our work for the environment is designed to increase the company’s environmental awareness. This helps us minimise negative environmental effects arising from our operations. By getting our colleagues involved we also encourage environmental awareness outside the office.

Teknotrans AB’s environmental policy forms the basis for the company’s work to help the environment. In our operations we will:

  • Inform and educate our co-workers and involve them in our environmental policy and work, so that everyone is motivated to participate in our environmental efforts.
  • Use our company’s significant environmental aspects to determine environmental goals and work with concrete action plans.
    Follow current environmental legislation and related requirements.
  • Always monitor our environmental policy and its goals to ensure continuous improvement of the company’s work to help the environment.

As part of our work for the environment, we will:

  • Handle our waste as efficiently as possible.
  • Decrease our use of office paper.
  • Take into account the environmental aspects of our grocery and office supply purchases.
  • Decrease our energy consumption.