We have customers in most business sectors

We translate for virtually all business sectors, to and from virtually all languages. Our translators are – of course – trained linguists who translate exclusively to their native language. Below is a selection of the sectors we work with.

We work with all sectors within the automotive industry – passenger cars, buses, trucks and construction and commercial vehicles. We also deliver translations for subcontractors in the automotive industry and for technical consultancies.

Advertising and marketing
We translate marketing material such as text for websites, product brochures, advertisements, customer mailings, video manuscripts and other copywriting texts.

Accounting and finance
We often translate tax and accountancy documents as well as various kinds of report. We have particularly long experience of translating annual reports.

Energy and power generation
Several of our customers come from the power generation sector. As the shift to greener production gathers speed, there is a growing need to describe new types of equipment and facility.

We translate healthcare-related instructions, manuals, standards, written routines and much else besides.

Medicine and medical technology
Product descriptions and user instructions above all for medical instruments.

Information technology (IT)
We offer localisation of software and cloud services. We also translate texts covering networks and other hardware.

Our work in the chemical sector includes safety data sheets, safety procedures and other types of document.

This is an area we have particular expertise in; we have telecoms customers from all over the world. We translate manuals, installation and assembly instructions, service instructions and training materials.

Sweden is in the lead in this broad sector, which is one of our newer subject areas.

Technology and industry
Examples of subject matter include automation and robots, pneumatics, machinery, mechanics, electromechanics, electronics and tools.

Buildings and construction
We translate for construction companies and contractors, architects, real estate management companies, consultancy firms and more.

We work closely with global translation businesses of all sizes. Our work for LSP customers mainly involves translations to and from European languages, with special focus on Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish, as well as English and German.