Customer feedback on our translations

“We are very satisfied with the job and trust you completely. We’ve decided to send you a further order to translate.”

“When you’re satisfied with how you work together, when communication works well and the result is error-free – of course you want to continue with that supplier. Therefore I intend to continue to work with you! Quite simply, I’m pleased with the work you deliver and the help I receive from you!”

“We’re pleased with your translations and intend to continue to place orders with you!”

“Thanks for all the good work on our Chinese translations ahead of the international exhibition.”

“Thank you very much for this fast delivery; I’d like to take this chance to thank for the help in English writing!”

“Your service is really good.”

“Thank you for the prompt job. It was very good work. This will not be your last job.”

“My web designer loves you because you’ve styled the Word documents you delivered so beautifully… This made his job so much easier. Many thanks for going the extra mile!”

“Thank you very much! You get back to us fast, answer mails and phone calls quickly, so I’m very pleased!”

“Thank you for the translations – they look really good!”

“We’ve really appreciated your efforts during the year, both regarding the texts themselves and when we’ve been short of time. It’s also good to know that the same translator has worked with our texts.”

“We’ve had good feedback on your translations and our proofreaders say they’re very satisfied working with you. The layouts you do in various languages are high quality and I feel that we can rely on you for correct work, in terms of both graphics and language.”

“Quick and accurate translation. I’ll be sending you more jobs and will also recommend you to others.”

“We’re pleased with the translation and our customer who received the certificate in English is also very pleased!”

“… some of the best work I’ve seen. Can’t find a single mistake.”