Translations into other languages

Teknotrans translates to and from most world languages. We translate all European language combinations and the major languages of Asia and the Middle East (for example Japanese, Thai, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish and Hebrew).

We have professional technical translators who translate exclusively into their native language.
Our translators to Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, etc. must also meet our stringent requirements for specialised subject areas.

Did you know that...

  • Japanese:
    The Japanese high speed train, shinkansen, also known as the “bullet train” can reach speeds of up to 300 km per hour and its railway net's total length is 2,459 kilometers?
    The shinkansen lines are extremely safe and punctual. The average train delay during a whole year is 0.4 min, and this figure includes delays caused by earthquakes, typhoons, blizzards, torrential rains and other natural disasters. During the Shinkansen's 46-year history, over six billion passengers have safely reached their destinations. Not one death has occurred due to derailment or collisions.
  • Korean:
    Korean is spoken by nearly 80 million people mainly in South Korea and North Korea? Most linguists consider it to be an Altaic language and therefore related to Turkish and Mongolian. For a quick introduction to Korean, you can try In-Flight Korean: Learn. from iTunes Music Store. You may not become fluent in one hour, but by listening regularly you may learn to recognise common phrases and make yourself understood.
  • Arabic:
    Arabic is the largest of the Semitic and Afro-Asian languages and one of the five most widely-used languages in the world? The language is written using the Arabic alphabet and is common to virtually the entire Arab world.
  • Hebrew:
    “When you drink from one cup: don't look in the next one.” is a Hebrew proverb?
  • Thai:
    the official name of Bangkok contains 157 letters and is the world's longest name?
    Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, a wordsmith from Bangkok, claims that the correct spelling (163 letters) is Krung-thep-maha-nakorn-amorn-ratana-kosin-mahintar-ayutthay-amaha-dilok-phop-noppa-ratrajathani-burirom-udom-rajaniwes-mahasat-harn-amorn-phimarn-avatarn-sathit-sakkattiya-visanukamprasit.
    Theppitak's translation of the long words is: “krungthep mahanakorn” - The great city of angels, “amorn rattanakosin mahintara yutthaya mahadilok phop” - the supreme unconquerable land of the great immortal divinity (Indra), “noparat rajathani burirom” - the royal capital of nine noble gems, the pleasant city, “udomrajaniwes mahasatharn” - with plenty of grand royal palaces, “amorn phimarn avatarnsathit” - and divine paradises for the reincarnated deity (Vishnu), “sakkatattiya visanukam prasit” - given by Indra and created by the god of crafting (Visnukarma).
  • Kurdish:
    Kurdish girls are often named after something beautiful in nature, while boys are named after a good characteristic? The idea is to take a word you like and make it into a name! Everyone who knows the language can create new names. The word's meaning determines whether it is suitable for boys or girls, i.e. Bahar (spring) would be an unthinkable name for a boy. A few other names work well for both genders, for example Newroz (new year) and Khabat (struggle).


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